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* February 2015 - Kelly Chang Rickert on the SuperLawyer list - 8 years!!!
quoted by on 
Kris/Bruce Jenner Divorce and Khloe/Lamar Divorce.

* December 2014 - KCR on Rick Amato Show re: Domestic Violence Threats on Social 
Media.  KCR Legal Analyst guest appearance on 
Graham Ledger Show.

* November 2014 - KCR quoted in Star Magazine re: Khloe and Lamar's Divorce.
* October 2014 - KCR quoted in Star Magazine about Brad and Angie's prenup.
* September 2014 - Kelly Chang Rickert quoted in Women's Health Magazine re: Prenups.
* August 2014 - Why Kelly became a family law attorney, as discussed on Women's Radio.
* July 2014 - Kelly Chang Rickert is named "Rising Star" by SuperLawyers magazine - 7th year!
* June 2014 - Kelly quoted by Daily Beast on pet custody.
* May 2014 - Kelly appears on CNBC's Closing Bell to discuss whether Rochelle Sterling can 
keep the Clippers, and OMG Insider to discuss 
Sheri Shepard's custody battles.
* April 2014 - Kelly discusses amicable divorces on Inside Edition re: Gwyneth Paltrow divorce.
* March 2014 - Kelly's advice about divorce and finances appears in this month's Money 
Magazine, page 36.
* February 2014 - Kelly discusses lifestyle/cheating clauses in prenups in Forbes.
* January 2014 - Happy New Year! Kelly quoted in Star Magazine, page 36.
* December 2013 Kelly quoted about tricky business of family law in American Bar 
Association Journal.
* November 2013 - Kelly Chang Rickert on OMG! Insider re: Charlie Sheen custody battle.
* October 2013 - Kelly Chang Rickert quoted in Forbes re: Withdrawing Money During Divorce
and in 
Reuters re: Dividing Property in Divorce.
* September 2013 - Kelly Chang Rickert talks about Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's 
possible divorce on OMG! Insider.
* August 2013 - Kelly Chang Rickert quoted on page 43 of this month's Star Magazine: Kourtney
Kardashian's Paternity Suit.
* July 2013 - Kelly Chang Rickert authors chapter Aspatore Series: Inside the Minds, 
Strategies in Family Law, 2013.  Available on
* June 2013 - Kelly Chang Rickert in Star MagazineMiley and Liam's broken engagement 
and who gets to keep the ring, page 36.  Kelly is voted Rising Star by 2013 SuperLawyers 
* May 2013 - E! Entertainment Bigger, Badder Celebrity Scandals airs with Kelly Chang 
Rickert as legal expert.
* April 2013 - 
Kelly Chang Rickert discusses Kim Kardashian's never-ending divorce on OMG!
The Insider.
* March 2013 - 
The Long and Short of why Kelly Chang Rickert became a divorce attorney.
* February 2013 - Economic Recovery stimulating divorce rates: Kelly Chang Rickert on 
* January 2013 - Happy New Year!!  Pick up a copy of Self Magazine for some good 
relationship advice by Kelly Chang Rickert.

* December 2012 - Happy Holidays from the Law Offices of Kelly Chang!  On Wednesday, 
December 5, 2012, we will be presenters at 
Halfmoon Education, Inc.'s Advanced Family 
Law Practice for Paralegals: Handling Financial Issues at a Higher Level.
* November 2012 - Kelly Chang Rickert explains restraining orders in Halle Berry's custody 
case on CBS's The Insider.
* October 2012 - Kelly Chang Rickert shares why she became a family lawyer in new book 
"67 Conservatives You Should Meet Before You Die", by Burt Prelutsky.
* September 2012 - Divorce and Family Law Blog is named Top Legal Blog.
August 2012 - Kelly Chang Rickert appears on Inside Edition to discuss Pet Custody in Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson Split-Up,
* July 2012 - Kelly Chang Rickert quoted by Newsweek/Daily Beast and Inside Edition on prenups and ramifications of legal custody in Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce.  She also
appears on 
Inside Edition re: Prenups and Quick Settlement in Cruise/Holmes Divorce.
June 2012 - Kelly Chang Rickert in SuperLawyers 2012.
* May 2012 - Kelly Chang Rickert quoted on Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' Custody Rights.
* April 2012 -
 Kelly Chang Rickert quoted on Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis' Split.
* March 2012 - 
 Kelly Chang Rickert on E! True Hollywood Story: Biggest Scandals Ever, premiers March 19, 2012, 10 am on E!
* February 2012 - 
Divorce and Real Estate: Interview with Kelly Chang Rickert
* January 2012 - Happy New Year!  CFLS Kelly Chang Rickert on Inside Edition re: Kobe Bryant's Divorce.

* December 2011 - Kelly's advice on "
How to Protect Yourself From Insurance Revenge."
 * September 2011 - 
 Kelly Chang Rickert on Los Angeles Magazine's List of Top Female  
Attorneys in Southern California. 
* August 2011 - Kelly Chang Rickert emphasizes importance of Joint Custody.
* July 2011 - Kelly Chang Rickert shares her experiences as a Judge Pro Tem, featured in SuperLawyer's Article, "The Robe".
* June 2011 -
Kelly Chang Rickert in SuperLawyers 2011.
* March 2011 -
Kelly Chang Rickert discusses the legality of cruise-ship weddings.
* February 2011 - Why is Valentine's Day a big day for divorce?
Kelly Chang Rickert explains to the New York Post.
* January 2011 - Happy New Year!
NPR's Marketplace Money interviews Kelly Chang Rickert in "Financially Preparing for a Divorce".

* December 2010 - Happy Holidays! Kelly Chang Rickert sworn into ACFLS Board of Directors. Read why you should choose a
Certified Family Law Specialist to handle your case.
* November 2010 -
Law Offices of Kelly Chang's
Divorce and Family Law Blog earns Top Award.
* October 2010 -
We understand that not everyone can comfortably afford a good attorney. That is why we provide resources so you can educate
 and represent yourself. Be sure to check out our
Divorce and Family Law Blog, updated weekly.
* September 2010 - 
Our firm launches new website specializing in Custody.  We continue to be top-rated by Martindale-Hubble, as well as  

* August 2010 - Certified Family Law Specialist Kelly Chang Rickert appeared as legal expert on Style Network's 1-hour Special: "The Dish Presents Surviving a Bad Romance", 8/22/2010, 8 PM PST.  In case you missed it, enjoy this clip.

* July 2010 - Kelly Chang Rickert comments on Mel Gibson domestic violence case on "Inside Edition".
June 2010 - Firm celebrates over a decade of excellence!  Kelly Chang Rickert once again named "Rising Star" by SuperLawyers and Los Angeles Magazines.
* April 2010 -
Attorney Chang Rickert quoted in Hollywood Life on Sandra Bullock's rights as a stepmother.
* March 2010 -
Divorce Law 101 with Ms. Kelly Chang Rickert.
* February 2010
Kelly Chang Rickert quoted in La Opinion.  See translated article, "Couples United Only by the Crisis".
* January 2010 - Happy New Year! We are saddened by the tragedies in Haiti.  To aid in relief efforts, Law Offices of Kelly Chang will contribute 25% of all attorneys' fees received this month to the American Red Cross.

* November 2009 - Divorce and Family Law Blog selected as one of Top 100 Legal Blogs
* October 2009 - Law Offices of Kelly Chang opens new location in beautiful
Atwater Village!  Come visit us at 3171 Los Feliz Blvd., Suite 303, Los Angeles, CA 90039.  We also have locations in Larchmont Village, San Francisco and San Diego.
* September 2009
- Mrs. Rickert in upcoming documentary about marriage.  Please support American Marriage: The Movie, a documentary film by Mike Flanagan and Courtney Bell.
* August 2009 - Kelly Chang Rickert discusses child support and Jude Law in
London Evening Standard.
* July 2009 -  Kelly Chang Rickert in California Lawyer.
* June 2009 -
Kelly Chang Rickert is once again named a
Rising Star Family Law Attorney by SuperLawyers and Los Angeles Magazine.
* May 2009 - Kelly Chang Rickert sits on panel of
AVVO experts.
* April 2009 - Kelly Chang Rickert on American Bar Association's article
Family Law and Marketing.  
* March 2009
- Kelly Chang Rickert quoted on Association of Certified Family Law Specialist website.
* February 2009 -'s divorce calculator.  Expert Kelly Chang Rickert discusses red flags.
* January 2009 - Happy New Year! Kelly Chang Rickert is quoted by European newspapers in article "Divorce and the Economy".  See English translation.

* December 2008 - Kelly Chang Rickert quoted in article
"Divorce and the Economy".
* November 2008 -
Kelly Chang Rickert emphasizes the importance of paying child support, even in a bad economy.  See article, "Going to Court for Child Support" on
* November 2008 - Kelly Chang Rickert emphasizes the importance of paying child support, even in a bad economy.  See article,"Going to Court for Child Support" on
* October 2008 
- Kelly Chang Rickert quoted in GALA Magazine about Sharon Stone's custody case.
* September 2008 - 
Kelly Chang Rickert shares insight on prenuptial agreements.  See article, "Strange Prenuptial Agreements"on
* August 2008 - Kelly Chang Rickert quoted in 
Joint Custody Article on
* July 2008 - Kelly Chang Rickert discusses Christie Brinkley's divorce tactics with Chris Harrison on Hollywood 411.
* June 2008 - Kelly Chang Rickert is named a Rising Star Family Law Attorney by SuperLawyers and Los Angeles Magazine.
* May 2008 
- Kelly Chang Rickert discusses Britney Spears' latest findings with Chris Harrison on Hollywood 411.
* April 2008 - 
Kelly Chang Rickert gives expert commentary on taking divorce public on You Tube.
* March 2008 - Kelly Chang Rickert in 
LawyersUSA lead story.
* February 2008 - Kelly Chang Rickert is TV Guide's legal expert on 
Britney Spears' case.
* January 2008 - 
Happy New Year! More Britney Spears commentary by Attorney Kelly Chang Rickert on 
TV Guide, "Hollywood 411".

* December 2007 - We wish you a happy and safe holiday!  Attorney 
Kelly Chang Rickert on Wikipedia.  Attorney Chang Rickert passes California Board of Legal Specialization exam for Family Law.
* November 2007 
- Kelly Yi-Yi Chang's new legal name is Kelly Chang Rickert.
* October 2007 - Kelly Y. Chang speaks on Britney Spears' custody case on 
* September 2007 - 
Law Offices of Kelly Chang moves to new address at 5455 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2100, Los Angeles, CA 90036.  
* August 2007
 - Attorney Kelly Chang appears as special guest on Lawyer 2 Lawyer, discussing "YouTube and the Law", along with notable guests, Neil Squillante, the publisher of TechnoLawyer, Kevin O’Keefe, the President and founder of LexBlog
* July 2007 - Attorney Kelly Chang is selected as VideoJug's  legal expert on Alimony and Child Custody Law.
* June 2007 - Attorney Kelly Chang attends 
American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Institute for Associates in Chicago.
* May 2007 - Law Offices of Kelly Chang on 
* March 2007 - Attorney Kelly Chang on NBC's 
Your LATV.

* November 2006 - 
 Attorney Kelly Chang appears as guest star on exclusive Los Angeles radio show to discuss family issues.  To listen, click here.
* October 2006 - Attorney Kelly Chang receives Custody Match Certified Attorney membership.  Custody Match is an online service that helps consumers find prescreened divorce lawyers and family law attorneys in Southern California.
* September 2006 - Attorney Kelly Chang's jury trial appears in
 Verdict Search.
* August 2006 - Attorney Kelly Chang appears in Larchmont Chronicle as a Larchmont Village "Woman of Accomplishment"
* June 2006 - Attorney Kelly Chang on Lisa's It-List, CBS.  Got a small legal problem?  Don't know where to find a lawyer?  Clickhere to see Attorney Kelly Chang's counseling schedule at the Legal Grind.


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