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Client Testimonials
Excellent, quick and Professional.  I had to process a very simple, pure-paperwork divorce and had spoken to many lawyers who gave me wildly different explanations and costs! I found Kelly Chang Rickert on this site, by chance, and although I was unsure about the notion of not working "in person", after my initial phone contact with her I was immediately reassured: and I don't for a second regret having hired her. She is very responsive, thorough, knowledgeable, professional, to the point and her costs are by far the most honest I had met so far. She has never made me feel that any question was "pointless", and was always very quick to respond. I was able to get my divorce completed at lighting speed, just through phone and email and am very very satisfied with her services.  N.B., 8/17/10

Good morning Kelly, Than you very much for your kind words and your appreciated help. I am really touched by your kind and help. Thank you
very much for understanding me and my situation.  Thank God for everything and whatever happens, happens for a reason. Thank you very much for
waving the balance on the account, I really appreciated and God will give you million more :) Thank you very much all and God bless you all.....Thank you very much again. N. N. 2/4/10

I chose Kelly as my lawyer after I had another lawyer for a year who was not my moving my case foward and did not care a bit. She is AMAZING!!!! SHe not only is very proffesional (calling you back when you call, sending you monthly updates, etc.) but she was very sensitive to my situation and I felt so stupid for crying in her office but she reassured me and she really has a big heart. So five stars for Kelly and I am so happy I chose her as my family law attorney!!!!!! K.B., 2/10/10

Thank you for your great job and professionalism.  Although I do not know you personally, you have been very close to my heart because you have shown me how much I can trust you working on my case.  You are a great role model to me, and hope and would continue to pray that you would be always happy in your life specially with your new addition to your family.  Although, I was not smart enough to make the best choices in life marrying that man,I still do not regret for none of these because of the two beautiful angels that God has blessed me with. No matter how difficult my life has been...I just can not give up on them! I always wanted at least to show you my little ones that you are up there fighting for justice. T.A., 9/7/08

I just wanted you to know that I was impressed with how you controlled the court room, and conducted professional business without the typical blather. I not only want someone that I can count on, but the fact of you representing who you do is a great bargaining chip in regards to keeping things peaceful until we can resolve this marriage. B.S. 9/8/08

Thank you again for everything..  seems like everything happened so fast!! Thanks for a great job, the spousal support order has taken a tremendous load off my back!!! I am not even so sure how you came up with that YTD overtime....he lied about overtime... I didnt even see it in his pay stub....lucky for me, you were so quick to produce the proof : ) R.R., 8/19/08

Thanks for everything yesterday.  I woke up in a great mood this morning knowing the one issue he has been using to control me is now resolved.  The rest will be easy.  I had this great epiphany when I woke up this morning thinking about what I wanted to accomplish in the next few years.  I haven't been able to 'feel' anything about my future till now, and it kinda surprised me in a good way.  J.A., 7/30/08

You have renewed my faith in LA lawyers and are worth the money.  I trust your judgement in the matter... I feel comfortable with your representationi having done what you have on the case .Thanks for all that you did Kelly. I just wish you had your site four years ago, you would have saved me a very large amount of time and money.  Thanks again for everything, you paid for yourself today and then some. M.S., 6/18/08

Hi Kelly, I just wanted to say Thank You so very much for today.  It went better than I expected.  I really appreciate the hard work that you've put into
this for me.  Thank You, S.L., 4/4/08.

Kelly, I'm not quite sure if you will remember me or not, but you helped me with my prenuptial agreement last April.  Which by the way, I can not thank you enough for your help!  You know, C's lawyer made him sign a waiver that he would not sue them if we got divorced- basically because you did such a great job of ripping up their ridiculously unfair, standard prenup. S.W., 2/29/08.

"Kelly, you are an angel. Thanks for all you've done for [our son]"  J.F., 3/18/08.  

Kelly Chang Rickert is a very skilled family law attorney. She's tough when she needs to be, yet is able to settle cases when that's the best solution. We refer many of our mediation clients to her for her insight and advice, and she's able to help them make the important decisions that people need to make in a divorce. We know we can count on her to maintain a client-centered approach, and to help guide a client to the right solution. We will continue to refer clients to Kelly for legal advice. D.M., 12/19/07

"An outstanding high-profile Family Law attorney. She would be the one I would hire if I had a family law issue." N.O., 4/1/08

Dear Kelly:  I thank you for your outstanding job explaining complicated legal  issues  in a very direct and clear way. I value your talent, focus  and
intelligence.  Best Regards, N.M. 12/21/07

Hello Kelly, I heard that you had some good new for me.  That the support was reduced.  That  is really great news.  Thank you again for your help. L.D. 12/12/07.

oh, to have an attorney on your side who wears silk gloves but can knock an opponent out with merely words. being represented by an attorney who not only knows their area of the law inside out, but is eloquent and highly articulate is essential--having Kelly on your team is like stacking the cards in your favor. she knows the courts, process, and how to work within the system to deliver the absolutely best result for her clients. as an attorney, I have
absolute confidence in referring Kelly my family matters--I know my clients will be in the best hands when they work with Kelly. A.P., 10/3/07
Overall Rating: Highly Recommended

Expertise AND compassion
Posted on 10/03/2007
How often do you find an attorney of great expertise who is also a person of great compassion? Kelly Chang has the skill and ability that her clients need in order to get the results they are looking for. She is a bottom-line person -- right to the point, yet her caring and compassion come through as she works on many tough and painful situatiions. She is clearly gifted and passionate in her work as a family law attorney. I do not hesitate to send patients to her. Dr. Sherie Zander.
Overall Rating: Highly Recommended

Kelly, You are my favorite attorney...and you can add that you are the best, most organized, intelligent, great communicator, and you stay on top of everything! oh, and you're a very good person too. C.D., 10/2/07

I [gratefully] found Kelly via an online search and was pleasantly surprised by her level of service albeit I was an out-of-state client. Kelly quickly responded to emails/calls, maintained contact every step of the way and provided closure upon trial completion. I recommend her as
an attorney for issues within family law!” N.C., 9/5/07

Dear Kelly,  you are an excellent lawyer.thanks so much, i just let u know that i feel so secured and very much assured  of your wonderful
really did fighting my rights.  L.H. 8/7/07

Hi Kelly,I woke up this morning with a huge burden off my chest, I just want to let you know that you are a great attorney, extremely bright with a big heart.  V.V. 6/20/07

I want you to know how you did it.  You are an amazing attorney.  D.L. 5/22/07

The speed of your responses is super human, it's almost unnatural.  H.T. 4/24/07

You are a great lawyer and very professional.  Thank you.  Y.D.1/8/07
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